Otoplasty surgery to treat all ear defects

Many of us experience ear shape issues that can impact our self-esteem and overall well-being. Undesirable ear curves or excessive protrusion can significantly affect our confidence and self-image. At our center, we specialize in otoplasty, a cosmetic procedure that can address concerns about ear size, shape, or protrusion. We use advanced techniques to deliver long-lasting […]

Rhinoplasty| Look in your mirror with confidence

Your nose shapes your look. At Dr. Ahmed Abdel Gawad Center, we understand its impact and your desire for a nose that complements your features. We offer rhinoplasty procedures performed with special care and expertise, ensuring a result you’ll love. How much difference can rhinoplasty make? This cosmetic procedure allows skilled surgeons to reshape your […]

Mummy Makeover

After pregnancy and childbirth, you may notice weight gain, sagging in the abdomen and breasts, and changes in overall body shape. Of course, these changes may be a source of anxiety and disturbance that may affect your life and your enjoyment of motherhood. At our center, we fully understand these challenges, and we are interested […]

Thigh tightening and its effectiveness in tightening sagging thighs

Sagging thighs may be just a minor problem for some people, but for others, it is a threat to their psychological well-being and self-confidence. When this sagging becomes severe and interferes with their ability to wear clothes normally and lead their lives freely, this is a serious problem that requires medical intervention. At Dr. Ahmed […]


Liposuction is an advanced surgical procedure used to remove unwanted fat deposits in specific areas of the body. It is important to understand that liposuction is not a replacement for weight loss or bariatric procedures. Instead, liposuction is used to improve the appearance of the body and correct specific fat accumulations that may be difficult […]

Tummy tuck

Many people today dream of having a flat and toned stomach. Whether you want to adjust your abdominal circumference, tighten sagging belly skin, or seek a more defined tummy, our distinguished team, led by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Gawad, a former NHS consultant plastic surgeon, is ready to help you at every stage. From initial consultation […]

Arm lift

Flabby arms are annoying for many people, and some may find it difficult to get rid of them with nutrition and exercise programs alone. In our center, we are fully aware of the impact of sagging arms on living a normal life without worry or discomfort, and we offer an effective solution to them through […]

Discover the secret to the beauty of your eyes with eyelid surgery

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and our muscles weaken, especially in the eyelid area. This weakness causes sagging skin and deep wrinkles, giving the face a tired, older appearance. In addition, the muscles under the skin weaken, causing bags and puffiness under the eyes. To solve these problems and restore youth and […]

Face lift surgery| Get rid of wrinkles and restore the youth of your face

Want to get rid of the wrinkles that constantly bother you and lower your confidence? Do you want to make your face look younger again? If so, facelift surgery is the best option for you. Facelift surgery is an effective procedure for brightening the skin and eliminating wrinkles. At our center, we are committed to […]

Breast lift: for a renewed appearance and greater confidence

In a world where many people are concerned about the effects of sagging breasts on self-confidence and overall appearance, our center offers the ideal solution to this annoying problem. Sagging breasts are more than just a cosmetic issue; they can have serious consequences for a woman’s mental health and daily life. Thus, under the direction […]